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Hello, my name is Gary Williams and I'm the proprietor of veedub classic (also known as vw classic), which I started in 2004.

Not everything is black and white when it comes to Volkswagens, but you can be sure that a lifetimes experience in the VW industry has taught me all the tricks. I served my apprenticeship on Volkswagens (back in the 1970's) with Lannock Motors, the retail arm of the importers - LNC Industries - and I've been in the business ever since.

We offer a range of services from mechanical repairs to a large stock of spare parts to specialist motor rebuilds.
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Whether you want to pamper your pet Beetle or restore that classic Kombi, we can offer just about everything you will need or want. If we don't have it in stock then we'll know where to get it.

If you have any enquiries at all, then don't hesitate to contact us directly by phone or fax.